beetroot-soup with hazelnuts

beetroot soup with hazelnuts

preparation time: 40 minutes

difficulty: medium

ingredients for 2 servings

500 g cooked beetroot (1 vacuumed package)


1-2 potatotes


80-100 g hazelnuts


2 gloves of garlic


400 ml water / or try that with coconut milk


1 tbsp. cumin


1 tsp. cayenne pepper


1 lime 


1 orange


salt & pepper


some roasted hazelnuts and goatcheese upon need 


step 1

peel the potatoes, roughly chop the hazelnuts and the garlic. squeeze the juice of the lime and the orange.

step 2

cook all ingredients together in a pot for about 30 minutes before you use a blender  to make it a soup.

step 3

serve it with some roasted hazelnuts and upon need some goatcheese.

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