chia-oats with kiwi

chia-oats with kiwi

preparation time: 10 minutes

difficulty level: easy

ingredients for 1 serving

10 tbsp. soy-yoghurt (unsweetend) (approx. 200-250 g)


1 tbsp. chia-seeds


5 tbsp. oats (approx. 50 g)


1 tbsp. maple syrup / honey


3 kiwi golden / green


fresh vanilla upon need



step 1

mix the yogurt, the chia seeds, the oats, and the maple syrup / honey all together.

step 2

peel the kiwi fruit and, if necessary, put two slices aside for decoration. dice the remaining kiwis into cubes and add them to your yoghurt.

step 3

put the yoghurt mixture in a sealable container and decorate it with the two kiwi slices. let the yogurt steep for at least 15 minutes or overnight.

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