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#enjoyeverybiteofit - #stopeatingshiteveryday - #noregrets

Welcome to my blog. That's how I wanted to greet you here. I had an introduction, a guide, a justification, 12,653 typos, and ultimately way too much of a good thing. But after various renovations, I can welcome you here with a clear conscience.


You probably landed here via my Instagram account or I chatted you down in person somewhere.


I discovered cooking some time ago and, like many others, decided to turn my hobby into a blog and get rich with it. Very easily!


I will probably not get rich with it (even if I have been looking for possibilities, believe me!) But nevertheless I still enjoy recording my recipe creations and sharing them with others. Also, I've already paid for the domain.


Just click through the recipes and see if there is something for you. If not, just drop me a line and we'll take care of it. Under start-up help you will find some tips and hints that should help you and maybe protect myself from inconvenience.


Of course I am happy if you mention me on Instagram and support me there. You are also welcome to link me so that I can also share your photos and videos.


So - have fun cooking and remember - ENJOY EVERY BITE OF IT!



 Thomas Michael