soft cake, blueberries & apple / saftiger blechkuchen, blaubeeren & apfel EN

soft cake, blueberries & apple

preparation time: 60 minutes

difficulty : medium



200 g butter


180 g sugar


1 package vanilla sugar


5 eggs


350 g flour


1 package baking soda


some milk


1/2 lemon (juice)


4-6 apples


3-5 handful blueberries


grated chocolate upon need


*used a baking sheet but of course you can also bake that dough as muffins or in another shape (see pictures)


Step 1

mix up the butter, the sugar, the vanilla sugar and the eggs until it´s all smooth.

step 2

mix up the flour with the baking soda. pre-heat the oven on 350-360 degrees and grease some baking paper with butter.

step 3

mix the butter and flour, add 5 tbsp. milk and some lemon juice, mix it again,  add the blueberries (+ the chocolate or you spread it later on top of the cake - you decide) and spread it on the baking paper on, of course, a baking sheet.

Step 4

peel the apples and cut them in slices. distribute them evenly on the dough and spread the cake with some milk before you put it in the oven.

step 5

after 15 minutes take it out and spread it again with milk before you bake it again for 20 minutes.

step 6

take the baking paper with the cake off the sheet (or whatever baking form you have used) so the cake doesn´t burn. 

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